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Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Trolls Bryan Cranston For Not Answering His Messages

Breaking Bad’s Aaron Paul Trolls Bryan Cranston For Not Answering His Messages

Breaking Bad star Aaron Paul seems not happy after Bryan Cranston shared his phone number with his Instagram followers to receive messages about their thoughts about his new movie ‘The One and Only Ivan.’

The One and Only Ivan is a delightful tale of a gorilla named Ivan, played by Sam Rockwell, and his animal friends Bob the stray dog (Danny DeVito) and the elephant Stella (Angelina Jolie), inspired by a true story and adapted from the beloved children’s book of the same name.

In the movie, they perform and live together in a small-scale mall. It’s an emotional story where animals long for freedom and living in the wild. Therefore, be prepared to have emotional moments while watching the movie.

The movie released today on Disney Plus, and Bryan Cranston took to Instagram to share his phone number. He asked fans to text him to share their thoughts about the movie and more. He also said that he would reply to messages he got from his fans in the videos he shared.

Here’s what Cranston wrote:

“Big news today – The One and Only Ivan comes out today on Disney Plus, AND you can text me to tell me what you think. I’ll text back some of my favorite moments. My number is 310-496-3814, and you can find it on my page too. Thanks, and stay safe out there.”

However, there is someone who is bothered by this situation; Aaron Paul. Breaking Bad star, Cranston’s close friend and partner, headed to the comment section and jokingly claimed that Bryan did not answer his phone calls and messages. He also trolled him, saying that he felt betrayed after seeing this post.

Here’s what Paul commented:

“I have been trying to text you for the last two weeks and nothing. And now this? Feels like a slap in the face is all I’m saying.”

See the Instagram post below.

Photo Credit: Bryan Cranston – Instagram

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