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Bruno Mars Reveals The Reason For His Happiness While Fans Are In Demand Of New Music

Bruno Mars Reveals The Reason For His Happiness While Fans Are In Demand Of New Music

Bruno Mars, who entered our lives in 2010 with his first album Doo Wops & Hooligans, and since then has accomplished many successful work with his unique style, shared a photo with a witty caption about the Grammys via his official Instagram account.

Nominations have been determined for the 63rd annual Grammy Awards to be held in January. However, while names like Justin Bieber, The Weeknd were not pleased with the result, some of them expressed their satisfaction and excitement on social media.

On the other hand, 35-year-old singer Bruno Mars tried to distribute this tense environment with a humorous sharing after the nominations were announced and made his fans laugh.

On Wednesday, Bruno Mars shared a selfie he took wearing a hat and glasses on his Instagram account. In the caption, the famous singer explained the reason for his happiness with a big smile on his face saying he did not have to stress whether he was nominated for a Grammy by not releasing a new album or single this year.

Here’s the caption:

“If you don’t release music, you can’t lose any Grammys. #ThinkAboutIt”

Even though this funny post was liked by more than 2 Million, the followers also said that they were waiting for the artist to release new songs.

An IG user nicknamed phoebe_tsouk wrote:

“True but release something ASAP 😂”

Another fan named Rosie Gamache wrote:

“But seriously tho… when are you releasing music?”

Another IG user nicknamed aimanoban wrote:


Check out the post below.

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