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Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Reveal How They Take Halloween Pretty Seriously

Bryan Cranston And Aaron Paul Reveal How They Take Halloween Pretty Seriously

Aaron Michael Paul, known for his role as Jesse Pinkman in the television series Breaking Bad, thrilled the fans of the legendary series with the latest photo he shared with Bryan Cranston via his Instagram account.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul are two actors who have settled in our memories with the characters Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in one of the best TV series in the history of television.

A special bond has developed between Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston throughout the years of working together, and although they cannot maintain their on-screen partnership, they are working again in real life with their new projects. Last year, they launched their Mezcal brand Dos Hombres, and the duo continues to share posts about it.

On Monday, Aaron Paul shared his photo with Cranton, and together they were wearing funny Halloween costumes, sitting around a table, and drinking the finest Mezcal. In the caption of his post, Paul stated that it was Mezcal Monday and they were celebrating Halloween by drinking Mezcal while eating only candy.

Bryan Cranston also shared the same photo and when their fans saw them together it reminded them of the good old days of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman. They are impatiently following each post closely for movie news set in the world of Breaking Bad.

Here’s what Aaron Paul wrote:

“It’s Monday. That means it’s Mezcal Monday and we at Dos Hombres take drinking Mezcal and celebrating Halloween very seriously. Bryan and I take it so seriously that we have promised to drink nothing but Mezcal and eat nothing but candy while wearing these costumes until midnight on Halloween. Wish us luck. Cheers! 🥃 “

Here’s an example of the most-liked comment coming from a fan of Breaking Bad:

“If you’re really doing this, please God film it.”

Here’s another fan’s comment:

“It’s always Heisenberg and his son.”

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