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Bryan Cranston Devastated After The Tragic Death Of An Iconic Actor

Bryan Cranston Devastated After The Tragic Death Of An Iconic Actor

Breaking Bad star Bryan Cranston, who played as a meth-making former schoolteacher named Walter White, has shared a touching photo of himself with Hollywood legend and star of Spartacus, Kirk Douglas, via his official Instagram account.

The successful actor Kirk Douglas, whose Hollywood career spanned seven decades, died from natural causes at his home in Beverley Hills, California when he was 103 years old.

After heard this death news of Kirk Douglas, Bryan Cranston has shared a special photo of himself with Kirk Douglas on his Instagram page and written a heartbreaking message to Kirk Douglas for paying tribute to the notorious star.

Here’s what Bryan wrote on the Instagram:

“IAmSpartacus. Rest In Peace now, Kirk You’ve left your mark on film history, and helped change the world.

Dalton Trumbo will welcome you at the gates of heaven. Honored to have met you, good sir.”

A fan named Katja Aurèlie F. commented:

“My deepest condolences to The Douglas Family. He was such an amazing actor & a true legend.

RIP Kirk Douglas. 😢”

Another fan named Lynn MacInnis wrote this:

“A true legend who had left an incredible body of work and showed what had true value in life.”

You can see the Instagram post right below.

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