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Bryan Cranston Shares A Bizarre Walter White Post After A Long Time

Bryan Cranston Shares A Bizarre Walter White Post After A Long Time

Successful actor of Breaking Bad, Bryan Cranston has shared an interesting photo of Walter White via his official and verified Instagram account. Bryan Cranston is known for his career-making turn as chemistry teacher-turned-drug kingpin Walter White on AMC’s Breaking Bad.

Today, Bryan Cranston has posted an art photo of the character called Walter White on Breaking Bad. The picture was made by his fan named Miranda Parkin and Bryan Cranston has shared this picture on his Instagram page and wrote a sincere thanks message for his own fan for this picture.

The fans of Breaking Bad have remembered the unforgettable scene in the first episode of Breaking Bad. In the scene, Bryan Cranston was wearing just underpants and shirt. He was hearing the siren of the polices and think to kill himself but they weren’t police, they just the fire Department. You can watch the scene which mentioned above right below.

Bryan Cranston captioned that:

Walter White Lives…in art. I was introduced to this great young artist, Miranda Parkin, @parkinart
I loved it and wanted to share it with you.

Miranda did this before she was 19 years old!!

You can see the Instagram post right below.

You can watch the unforgettable scene of Walter White right below.

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