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Busta Rhymes Introduces ‘The Young King’ Of Music Industry And Says He Feels Extremely Proud

Busta Rhymes Introduces ‘The Young King’ Of Music Industry And Says He Feels Extremely Proud

It seems that the talent of the famous rapper Busta Rhymes, who has been in the music market since 1996 and has been successful since then, has been passed on to Note Marcato, the young member of his family. Rhymes shared how proud he is with his nephew via his official Instagram account.

Note Marcato’s real name is Nasir Dean and he is 19 years old. Moreover, Note Marcato is not only his stage name but also a name that defines his alter-ego. The artist, previously known as the aspiring DJ and producer in the music market, is also the son of American music producer Swizz Beatz.

In other words, this young man, who is already in touch with music, had already attracted everyone’s attention with his unique style, attitude and full-on skeleton makeup at this year’s Grammy Awards. And now he is out on the market with his new project, ‘Beach Bumlimbo.’

Busta Rhymes shared the new project of this talented young man, whom he introduced as his nephew, on Instagram with the support he gave, underlining how extraordinarily talented his nephew is. The rap artist also wrote in capital letters that he was extremely proud of his nephew.

Describing his nephew as a ‘young king‘, Rhymes also excitedly shared that this new project of his nephew’s was another level of work. In the photos he used in this supportive post, it is seen that Nasir Dean continues to use the full-on skeleton makeup, which is his alter ego.

This very interesting work seems to herald the formation of a new generation in the world of music. Note Marcato’s ‘Beach Bumlimbo’ is available and streaming everywhere right now.

Here’s what Busta Rhymes said:

“My incredibly talented nephew @notemarcato just dropped his new project #BEACHBUMLIMBO and I’m EXTREMELY proud of the young King!! Next Level Shit!! AVAILABLE AND STREAMING EVERYWHERE RIGHT NOW!!”

Check out the post below.

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