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Camila Cabello Celebrates Her Birthday In A Brilliant Way

Camila Cabello Celebrates Her Birthday In A Brilliant Way

Latin singer Camila Cabello has uploaded a rare photo of herself on her Instagram page, celebrating 23rd birthday of herself in a brilliant and hilarious way.

If you look at this post, Camila shared an infancy photo of herself, saying her first nude photo on the internet. Actually, she made a funny joke about the nude photo sharers.

The baby Camila was lying on the bed with a blue blanket. Her photo received over 2.3 million likes in a short period. Also, the musicians with whom the young singer worked together celebrated Camila’s birthday and expressed her good wishes in the comment section.

Here’s what Camila Cabello captioned:

“I’m 23 in a few hours so I’m posting my first internet nude.”

Grammy award winner Italian singer Laura Pausini commented and said:

“😂😂😂😂 Happy Birthday sweety🌷🌷🌷🌷”

New York Times best-selling author R. M. Drake wrote:

“Omg, you were the cutest baby ever!!! And happy birthday baby boo!! Hope you get what you deserve.”

See the Instagram photo below.

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