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Camila Cabello Encourages Everyone To Speak About Their Struggles With Mental Health

Camila Cabello Encourages Everyone To Speak About Their Struggles With Mental Health

Singer Camila Cabello, known for her hit song ‘Havana’, shared her thoughts on how social media does not reflect people’s true identity and is not real.

Camelo wrote an article for WSJ. Magazine in May. In that article, she said that she had an obsessive-compulsive disorder and shared how she tried to deal with it. This situation increased her anxiety problem, therefore it caused many problems in her life. But Camelo has managed to lower her anxiety level by working and devoting herself to her work.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Anxiety comes and goes, but now it feels like just another difficult emotion, as opposed to something that’s consuming my life. By doing the work and showing up for myself every day, I feel like I have more trust in myself than ever before.”

Camelo calls everyone to share their struggles. Every person deals with many difficulties in their lives and that nobody lives the magnificent lives shown on social media. The singer thinks that recovery can be achieved by confronting yourself.

Here’s what she wrote:

“Social media can make us feel like we should be as perfect as everybody else seems to be. Far from being a sign of weakness, owning our struggles and taking the steps to heal is powerful.”

Recently, Camelo also praised J Balvin for his social media posts and sincerity in her article for Time magazine. J Balvin shared with his fans how he worked to protect his mental health during this difficult year. Camelo thinks it is very important and valuable for people who have a huge fanbase to share their true feelings with other people like Balvin. She said that her admiration for Balvin increased after his openness.

Here’s what she wrote:

“During a period of intense anxiety, I saw his posts on Instagram talking about his struggle with anxiety and mental health, and I remember bursting out crying because I no longer felt alone.”

She continued:

“I am amazed that someone who was achieving such incredible things was still vulnerable and brave enough to share that with the world.”

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