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Camila Cabello Invites Fans To Stay Calm Regardless Of The Outcome Of Elections With Her Sweet Puppy, Tarzan

Camila Cabello Invites Fans To Stay Calm Regardless Of The Outcome Of Elections With Her Sweet Puppy, Tarzan

After the elections held in America on November 3, the celebrity world followed the news from the TV with the same excitement as all citizens. These elections were very intense and many people got stressed while waiting. The beloved couple decided to relieve this stress by adopting a puppy. Camila Cabello both showed Tarzan to her followers and gave a constructive message about the elections in the mini video she shared on her Instagram account.

The 2020 American elections have been an intense period when almost all celebrities mobilized and tried to direct the public to vote. Consequently, the subject of all the posts was the elections, and now the waiting and sharing continue in the world of celebrities, just before the results are opened.

On Wednesday, Camila Cabello shared a cute video of her boyfriend Shawn Mendes hugging the new member of the crew. They are almost over a year in their relationship and their family is now bigger. After a long breakup because of work, the couple came together and since then they are sharing a bunch of photos of each other.

Camila Cabello named her puppy Tarzan and called her a sweet miracle while revealing her opinion about the outcome of the elections. First, she explained that no matter what the outcome is, the most important thing is to be aware of their power as a citizen. She claimed that they should continue to fight for their rights after the election is over.

It was actually a soothing toned message to her followers in case of any upcoming troubles because of the election outcome. She sent her followers much love and a big puppy lick.

Here’s what she stated:

During uncertain times like this we need a reminder that sweet miracle things like puppies exist in the world too, meet the new member of the pack: Tarzan! Sending to love all of you guys and remember: regardless of the outcome, WE are the ones responsible for building the world we want to live in.

The fight for BEING the society we want to see. That continues after this outcome is decided. This is what I’m telling myself to soothe myself right now because it’s the only thing we actually can control. love you guys and Tarzan sends a big puppy lick.”

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