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Camila Cabello Says ‘It’s Our Responsibility’ While Drawing Attention To The Importance Of The Upcoming Elections

Camila Cabello Says ‘It’s Our Responsibility’ While Drawing Attention To The Importance Of The Upcoming Elections

Many famous names are making statements emphasizing how important it is than ever to participate in the upcoming American elections this year. One of the artists who emphasized the importance of voter registration before the deadline was the singer Camila Cabello. She urged everyone to be responsible and protect their country with the post she shared via her official Instagram account.

America, which has gone through many incidents since American President Trump took over the country, is preparing for the upcoming elections. The 2020 US presidential elections are scheduled for Tuesday, November 3, 2020. With this election, the 59th president of the USA will take office. The strongest candidate facing Trump is Joe Biden, who will become the oldest serving president if he wins. The winning candidate will take office on January 20, 2021.

A day before, Camilo Camello shared a post in which she wore a t-shirt that said ‘vote.’ In this post, she shared, although she was taking a phone break, she appeared and gave an important warning to her followers. Emphasizing that everyone has an important duty, the singer underlined that voter registration deadlines are very close. Everyone should behave responsibly to make their voices heard in these elections.

Camello, who warned very clearly, urged her followers to check the voter registration deadline of the state they were in right now. In the last part of her post, she stated that she was headed to her stories to give her followers more information about the registration.

Here’s what she stated:

“Finally home. 😻 Taking a phone break but just wanted to pop in to say HELLO !!!! Because we got a job to do! Voter registration deadlines are right around the corner, and it’s our responsibility to show up and make sure our voices are heard in this election.

Registration deadlines are happening now, so double, triple, quadruple check your voter registration status right now!!!!! head to my stories to find out your state’s voter registration deadline and for more information on how to register!”

Check out the post below.


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