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Camila Cabello Shares An Exciting Sneak Peek Video About Her New Project

Camila Cabello Shares An Exciting Sneak Peek Video About Her New Project

Pop singer Camila Cabello has just updated her Instagram feed by sharing a new mini video and made an exciting announcement about her new project.

In the caption of her post, Camila said that she has been working a jam session for her fans who are bored being in quarantine and stuck at home. In this new project, she created a mini-concert series by singing nostalgic and her own songs including songs from her first album called Camila.

There are two legs of the mini-concert series and would share on May 27 and June 3. However, she has not yet shared any information or details about the channel in which the jam session will take place. We think it will announce this detail soon.

Here’s the announcement of Camila Cabello:

“So the past couple weeks I’ve been working on this jam session for you! Mastercard and I are bringing u a mini-concert series, a set of songs/ medleys, inspired to invoke a sense of nostalgia for you guys and me…

All of the songs from Romance are paired with another song, including songs from my first album, and it’s meant to represent a kind of journey. It was super fun to put these together, they were all one take, singing arrangement- wise it was super free and improvised, and it was so fun to reimagine these songs.

We have two specials and the first night of the show comes out next Wednesday, 5/27, and the second night is on 6/3.”

An Instagram user named Tanisha Jain commented and said:

“Your voice 😍😍😍”

Another fan nicknamed bruvaio wrote:

“Omg yes.”

Check out the Instagram post below.

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