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Carbi B Shares Her Feelings After Winning The Songwriter Of The Year Trophy

Cardi B added a new award to her prize collection. ‘Money’ rapper won the prestigious award which Songwriter of the Year at the annual Rhythm & Soul Music Awards.

Cardi B and her husband Offset talked in the red carpet before the award ceremony. She said:

“I just want to say I’m very grateful. Sometimes I feel like I’m not doing too much because when it comes to female rappers, it’s like you’re never doing too much or they’re always pitting you against another female rapper. People on my team are like ‘Cardi, you’re crazy. You won a Grammy. Cardi, all your songs are charting”

Cardi B also mentioned about the importance of hard work. She continued:

“Everybody saying I’m not this or that. Sometimes I gotta see it and feel it for myself because it’s hard. Everybody always wants to say I made it because of this or made it because of that. I made it because I worked my ass off… Thank you very much, ASCAP. This is an honor for me.”

You can listen to viral Cardi B’s single ‘Press’ below.

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