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Cardi B Breaks Silence About How She Cleans Her Unusual Nails

Cardi B Breaks Silence About How She Cleans Her Unusual Nails

Bronx rapper Cardi B finally answered the most important question about her nails and explained how she cared for her nails.

Cardi shared many videos from Instagram Stories during the quarantine period. She sometimes pressed the record button while watching her favorite show, sometimes while spending time with her daughter Kulture, and sometimes while cooking.

However, her followers drew attention to her nails and expressed their curiosity about how she continued her daily life with her manicures. Today, the 27-year-old rapper seems sick of all these criticisms and took to Twitter to explain how she cleans her giant manicures.

Here’s what she tweeted:

“Everybody that knows me knows this. Every time I take a sh*t, I wash my ass. I can sh*t five times a day imma wash it five times then. I just can’t walk around with my a** like that. I feel ma uncomfortable.”

Cardi B has become one of the most controversial rap stars of our time. Although every behavior she makes is criticized by fans, she always has an answer.

Check out the Twitter post below.

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