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Cardi B Claims That ‘DMX Never Let His Faith In God’ As She Addresses The Rapper’s Bad Habits

Cardi B Claims That ‘DMX Never Let His Faith In God’ As She Addresses The Rapper’s Bad Habits

Last week world-famous rap artist and legendary name of the hip-hop community, Early Simmons, who is also known for his stage name DMX, was hospitalized with a heart attack. On Friday, the rapper died in the hospital where he was treated for a week. The news of the legendary rapper’s death was announced by his family. he was 50 years old.

In the statement, it was reported that DMX passed away in White Plains Hospital earlier on Friday. Saying that his iconic legacy will last forever, his family expressed regret to announce his sudden death.

Drug abuse allegations emerged about DMX, who had a heart attack and died after using high doses of drugs. It was alleged that he took too many drugs. However, Cardi B took to Twitter to praise the late rapper and to deny the allegations against him.

Cardi said that DMX has not always lost faith in God and has always been a man of faith. Saying that she believes he is in heaven, Cardi sent her prayers to the rapper.

Here’s what Cardi tweeted:

“No matter the battles and obstacles DMX was facing and going thru he never let his faith in God go.I know he is in heaven and I know the Lord been hearing his prayers for years and he is now in peace .RIP DMX.”

She also tweeted:

“YES VERY ROOTED and that’s very important.People face different evils and demons trying to attack your spirit and life that’s why you can’t let that faith in God go. You might not see but he’s fighting them battles for you.”

Check out the Twitter posts below.

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