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Cardi B Delights Fans With Her Latest Move On Social Media

Cardi B Delights Fans With Her Latest Move On Social Media

Grammy Award-winning rapper Cardi B is one of the most controversial rappers of our time, so the rapper gets into arguments with both fans and other celebrities on social media.

As you might remember, Cardi deactivated her Twitter account on 18 October after doing an Instagram Live on Saturday night about the status of her relationship with the Migos rapper, criticizing her fans for being overly involved in and opinionated about her private life.

Saying that she had a great day before deactivating Twitter, Cardi B suddenly disappeared and closed her Twitter account after she said she would delete Twitter.

Here’s her last tweet:

“I was really having a great fucking day… I gotta delete this damn app.”

A month later Cardi appeared on Twitter again. While the 28-year-old rapper didn’t make a specific explanation as to why she deactivate Twitter, she posted some cryptic tweets. The rapper, who reactivated his Twitter account about 12 hours ago, is still in her form.

Cardi B, who has more than 15.3 million followers on Twitter, made her fans happy with this move. But apparently, some of her haters also seem happy because her Twitter account, which was the only place they would fight with the rapper, was reactivated.

Here’s one of her tweets after she reactivated:

“It’s not about the money. It’s about the pleasure of accomplishments.”

A fan named Ariel commented:

“Chat with us bestie, we miss you”

Another fan named Bri wrote:

“Be proud love”

Check out her tweets after she reactivated her account below.

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