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Cardi B Pushes The Limits With Her Carnival-Like Birthday Party Full of Snakes

Cardi B Pushes The Limits With Her Carnival-Like Birthday Party Full of Snakes

Cardi B celebrated her 28th birthday with a wild party full of kisses and dances. Many friends and fans celebrated Cardi B’s birthday and she entered her new age with an extremely glamorous and big birthday party. In her latest post, Cardi B shared a sneak peek video of the party and thanked everyone, especially Playboy, who sponsored her birthday party.

Cardi B, who had fun till the morning hours, got closer to her husband Offset again receiving a huge gift from him. She is now the owner of a brand new Rolls Royce SUV. Although the couple came to the point of divorce in September, according to the videos from the birthday, they seemed to make peace and had fun together all night.

The rapper turned 28 on Sunday, and chose to celebrate with a carnival-like birthday party full of snakes and pushed the accessive limits of partying.

The video she posted on Instagram appeared to be very wild and crowded. There were many people not wearing masks, dancing and drinking very closely to each other while belly dancers are spinning and dancing all over the place.

In short, the famous rapper celebrated her birthday as extreme as she could and entered her new age without any social-distancing. Her followers accused Cardi B of being a bad example for her more than 76 million followers. However, she was really happy to have such extreme birthday party and thanked everyone.

Here’s what she said:

I’m still processing all the love I got on my Birthday! It was really a beautiful night! Here’s a sneak peak, more pictures and videos to come! Thank you @playboy for helping to make it super special!”

Check out the post below.

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