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Cardi B Responds To Doja Cat After Mocks Her ‘Press’ Song

Cardi B Responds To Doja Cat After Mocks Her ‘Press’ Song

The rapper Doja Cat, whose real name is Amala Zandile Dlamini, is on the agenda with a recent beef with Cardi B. She had become famous for her viral song ‘Mooo!’. 

In a recent Instagram Live session, Doja Cat was listening to Cardi’s song ‘Press’ and mocking her when she drives in the car alone.

Watch Doja Cat’s Instagram Live session below.

Cardi B took to Instagram to response to Doja Cat’s video. Cardi B was not laughing and she looks unaffected Doja Cat’s ‘Press’ performance. She replied Dj Akademiks’ post. She wrote:

 “Do anything for clout …Moo”

See Cardi’s comment below.

After all, 23-year-old rapper stepped back to avoid further beef. In her most recent post on Instagram, she apologized to Cardi B and said her goal was not bad. She tagged Cardi B and Dj Akademiks from Complex media in the post and stated:

“but this doesn’t matter because hatred is more entertaining / I make fun of everybody including myself.”

Check out the post below.

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