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Catherine Zeta-Jones Shows How Festive She Feels This Christmas, Though Not As Much As Mariah Carey

Catherine Zeta-Jones Shows How Festive She Feels This Christmas, Though Not As Much As Mariah Carey

Oscar-winning actress Catherine Zeta-Jones showed her followers what happened to her for the sake of living the Christmas spirit and her satisfaction with the results of her efforts with a video she shared on her Instagram account.

The 50-year-old actress wanted to decorate her house in the spirit of Christmas on Sunday, but the decoration plan resulted in a holiday injury. The actress’s foot was swollen from an accident that occurred at home and she showed this in a video where she has ice on her feet, this upsetting her fans, she later showed she was better.

On Monday evening, Catherine Zeta-Jones took Instagram to share the fruits of her labor which ended in hurting her foot. However, as it can be seen in the video, Jones’ decorations are very stylish and reflect the Christmas spirit perfectly.

Catherine Zeta-Jones decorated the stairs of her house, the Christmas tree and she even put snow effects under the tree, which is why she described it as a masterpiece.

Although she hurt her foot as a result of all this hard work, Catherine Zeta-Jones stated that the result she achieved was worth all the pain she suffered and added that she now felt more festive.

Finally, she made everyone smile by saying that she never got into the Christmas spirit as much as the famous singer Mariah Carey this year and that she hoped to feel that fabulous the next year.

Here’s the caption:

“Thought I would share the fruits of my labor ( or labour, if you are reading this in Britain!) Hurt my foot after completing this still life masterpiece. The pain was worse than labor/labour, but I feel so festive now, but not as festive or a fabulous as the fabulous Mariah Carey. Maybe next year. Anyway, Happy Hanukkah. 😇”

Check out the post below.

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