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Chance the Rapper Asks Anti-Maskers The Reason Behind Their Idiocy

Chance the Rapper Asks Anti-Maskers The Reason Behind Their Idiocy

Chicago-based rapper Chance the Rapper shared a few tweets on Twitter and asked his followers to find an answer to the question of why some people think they shouldn’t wear a mask, one of the most controversial topics of recent times.

The whole world has been passing a great test in 2020 and everyone is confused about what to do. Due to the fact that there are many different people living in the world, different opinions arise from each other. One of these is whether it is necessary to wear a mask to protect against the virus and protect other people.

Conspiracy theories are put forward by some people stating that they believe a mask is used to restrict their freedom, that the state is doing it to put pressure on the people, governments are made to take away their freedom with the quarantines, and that COVID-19 is an ordinary disease like the flu.

On the other hand, it is scientifically seen that a mask must be worn by both virus carriers and people who do not want to be sick. Chance the Rapper is one of the people who are confused between all these conspiracy theories and reality.

On Wednesday, he wrote on Twitter saying he was trying to understand the reason behind why people think they shouldn’t wear a mask. The artist, who knows that the anti-maskers think the government is using this virus politically and think it is invented, said he still could not find an answer to the question of ‘why’ and could not understand what they were trying to do with this idiocy.

Here are the tweets:

What is the conspiracy theory of the anti-maskers? I know they believe the govt/news is making up covid, but is there some sort of theory as to the end goal of the govt wanting ppl to masks? Like the ‘why?’ behind it. Just trying to understand the psychology underneath the idiocy

I do also realize it’s been politicized to the point that wearing or not wearing them, to some, is a sign of allegiance. But there’s gotta be some crazy conspiracy in there somewhere

That’s what I’m trying to find out, what is the next thing that you fear is happening? Or is it just all ideological

Check out the tweet below.

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