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Channing Tatum Reveals His Recondite Artistic Side While Giving An Inspirational Message

Channing Tatum Reveals His Recondite Artistic Side While Giving An Inspirational Message

The other day, actor Channing Tatum, showed his little-known artistic side and posted a wet plate image he did on his Instagram account writing an inspiring message about empathy and embrace.

The 40-year-old actor, Tatum, who returned to Instagram after a two-month hiatus, continues his posts without slowing down, and this time surprised his fans quite a lot because they learned that the actor was also engaged in art.

Channing Tatum was not posting on social media after breaking up with Jessie J last October. During this period, the actor, who gave himself to his work, completed his last project, ‘Dog’, and took on a completely new image. The film is expected to be released on May 7, 2021.

In November, Channing Tatum started to post on Instagram again and he first shared a selfie of his new style and then posted a video of his dog’s training.

On Tuesday, he shared a wet plate image of two people embracing each other no mather what their color is or what difference they have. The actor revealed that he shared his art very rarely because of many reasons but he did not make it clear what they are.

When he came across the image he posted, he wanted to share because of its tendering and caring side. He hoped to inspire people who need that kind of caring right now because it was time to forgot the differences in color or politics.

Channing Tatum also attracted attention to the importance of giving to people without any expectations and just feel some empathy to each other within. He encouraged his followers to embody the things they value and stated that the results might surprise them.

Here’s what Channing Tatum wrote:

“I very rarely share my art. For a lot of reasons I guess. But I came across this image of a series of wet plate images I did. I wanted to share it cause it just seemed tender and caring. I don’t know who needs some of that right now.

But, I wanted to put it out there in the world to hopefully inspire people no matter their color or differences… or politics. We can inspire empathy in this world just by giving it without any expectations of something in return.

Embody the things you value and be a beacon for them. You might be surprised how it changes your experience in this life. Sending love out to everyone. @jessicadigi @according2manwe thank you two for making this image come to life.”

Check out the post below.

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