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Charles Hamilton Says Kanye Have Used His Ideas To Make Money

Charles Hamilton Says Kanye Have Used His Ideas To Make Money

During a recent podcast with Bedroom Beethovens, producer/rapper Charles Hamilton has shared his thoughts about credited himself for influencing a number of artists who have surpassed him in terms of money and fame. One of them is Kanye West. He said:

“When I met Kanye West he was sipping champagne with a white woman, so he was already living 75 percent of the black American dream. I also, I spit with him or whatever. It is what it is … I played some joints from The Pink Lavalamp for him, and he was about to cry … with his white woman.

“I might be guilty of giving Kanye more creative props than he really is worth … What shuts me up and what makes me keep my opinion to myself: Everybody of whom I have a low opinion or no opinion—because they are factually bullshit—have more money documented than I do.

So they’re winning. So if I say, ‘Yo, you’re a fucking f****t’ to either Kanye or anybody rapping, all they gotta say is, ‘I checked my bank account; I guess today was a good day.’ That shuts the whole conversation down.”

Hamilton also revealed Kanye has used his advices to earn money. He said:

 “And I can’t say nothing about it. Either the music was free, or they’re choosing not to acknowledge it.

I was the first hip-hop blogger. Period. That’s why I get kind of Rodney Dangerfield. There would be no NahRight, there would be no YouHeardThatNew. I mean, there wouldn’t even be a Perez Hilton if it wasn’t for me blogging.

I deadass was the hip-hop blogger. I’ve got awards in English, like, in journalism. I know how to write. I’m not that dumb. So when all these blogs came out, I just sat back like, ‘No look at the crabs on my d*ck.'”

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