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Charli XCX Addresses Why Some Fans Feel Like Betrayed After ‘An Artist Deviates Creatively From What They’re Known For’

Charli XCX Addresses Why Some Fans Feel Like Betrayed After ‘An Artist Deviates Creatively From What They’re Known For’

British singer-songwriter Charli XCX has shared a new thread of tweets addressing the fan-artist relationship, explaining why fans felt betrayed by the artists after they changed their style.

The artist-fan relationship can look more complicated than it seems. The most important reason for this is that an artist who was loved by the fans at first can be subjected to hate speech by the fans after their changes in their arts.

Charli XCX has a different musical understanding than when she debuted. For this reason, the singer addressed the fan-artist relationship on Twitter and explained why fans felt betrayed after a while.

The 28-year-old singer went her tweet by describing the artist-fan relationship as an interesting one. She said that the reason why people were admired was the admiration for the artists’ unique perspective and creative decisions.

Charli went on and said that at some point in the artist’s career, a sense of ownership developed over the artist and that the fan was defending the artist, in the same way, that the artist was interested in the fan.

Charli went on and said that when the artist creatively deviated from her recognition, some fans felt a sense of betrayal. But she said it was just development and it was a normal process for a good artist to continually develop and challenge their audience.

Here’s what Charli XCX said:

“The artist fan relationship is a really interesting one. like, the reason one becomes a fan in the first place is because of an admiration for the artists unique point of view and choice of creative decisions and statements.

But sometimes, somewhere along the way a sense of ownership over the artist develops.. i guess because there’s a true connection and understanding between fan and artist. a bond is formed. the fan defends and loves the artist and the artist loves and cares for the fan.

But when the artist deviates creatively from what they’re known for, there is sometimes a sense of betrayal for some fans. but it’s just development. a good artist constantly evolves & challenges their audience, because they know their audience is smart enough to be challenged.”

Check out the tweets below.

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