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Chris Evans Reveals One Of His Dreams While Expressing His Excitement For His New Role

Chris Evans Reveals One Of His Dreams While Expressing His Excitement For His New Role

The successful actor Chris Evans, widely known as Captain America, introduced his new project on his Instagram account and assured the fans that it will be a special one.

After eight years, Chris Evans retired from his role as Captain America in 2019 and is now looking ahead to his future roles. One of which has been announced as becoming the voice of the human Buzz Lightyear that the toy’s story is based on in the ‘Lightyear’ movie.

The film will be a spinoff of Toy Story which based on the story of Buzz Lightyear the toy, but the new one will tell the origin story of the hero who inspired the toy Buzz Lightyear.

Between 1995 and 2019 Tim Allen was the voice of Buzz Lightyear in four ‘Toy Story’ films, however in the new movie Chris Evans will give his voice to the actual Space Ranger which is set to be released in theatres on June 17, 2022.

On Thursday, Chris Evans posted the photo of Buzz Lightyear and shared his excitement with his followers. He expressed his enthusiasm on working with Pixar and described it as one of his dreams coming true.

Moreover, he made it clear that his character as Buzz Lightyear is totally different from Tim Allen’s version and Evans decided that the story was worth telling. Therefore, he accepted the role and he is really confident that the story of his character will be hilarious and everyone can get excited.

Here’s the caption:

“Working with Pixar is a dream come true. I’ve been a massive fan of their films since the very beginning. My team could barely contain their excitement when they told me that Pixar had a pitch for me.

All they said was ‘Buzz Lightyear’. I didn’t know what that meant, since Tim Allen is Buzz Lightyear, and no one could ever touch his performance.

I needed to know how this character was different and why this story was worth telling. I can say 2 things with absolute confidence: 1. I didn’t stop smiling through the ENTIRE pitch. Ear to ear. 2. Everyone can rest easy. And get very excited.

Trust me when I say that they REALLY know what they’re doing over there. This one is gonna special, and it doesn’t step on a single thing. I can’t even put my excitement into words. I smile every time I think about it. #LIGHTYEAR”

Check out the post below.

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