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Chris Pratt Finds An Intelligent Way To Help People In Need On Christmas Holiday

Chris Pratt Finds An Intelligent Way To Help People In Need On Christmas Holiday

The Guardians of Galaxy actor Chris Pratt made a meaningful update on his Twitter page and found an intelligent way to help people in need on Christmas Holiday.

As we all know, when the coronavirus pandemic hit the whole world, there have been many economic and health problems. Families with poor financial conditions are among those most affected by the pandemic.

However, Chris Pratt has a great idea to help people in need amid the coronavirus pandemic. The actor is intended to help neighbors help each other this Christmas by working with an organization called #FeedThyNeighbor that aims to help people’s neighbors.

On the foundation’s website, it was announced that Chris Pratt helped this organization. In addition, donations up to 100k dollars are accepted. The 41-year-old actor tried to encourage his followers and fans by saying all this was for a good cause.

Here’s what the actor said:

“Ok. Who would you like to see me virtually party with during my New Years Instagramathon!? Reply and tag them!! Let’s dream big!! How can they say no!? They can’t POSSIBLY have anything else to do!! It’s all for a good cause! #FeedThyNeighbor”

Many Twitter users urged celebrities to tag and support this charity campaign.

A Twitter user wrote:

“All the other Chrises. Every Chris you can find/get.”

Another said:

“Some celeb that wants to help and doesn’t need to spout their virtue signaling all over everyone else and just wants to help.”

Check out the Twitter post below.

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