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Chris Pratt Unearths A Famous Photo Of An Old Man He Once Thought Was God For Celebrating Thanksgiving

Chris Pratt Unearths A Famous Photo Of An Old Man He Once Thought Was God For Celebrating Thanksgiving

Famous actor Chris Pratt shared a black and white photo of Eric Enstrom named ‘Grace.’ which was taken during the flu pandemic of 1918. Chris Pratt explaining how the old man in the photo made him feel and shared what he was thankful for on Thanksgiving on his Instagram account.

Last week, Chris Pratt came up with a humorous comment he wrote to his namesake Chris Hemsworth. Pratt wrote a comment under Hemsworth’s post warning him not to work out too much because he is afraid that in the movie he cannot stand next to Hemsworth if he looks like that. So, Pratt advised him to get some calories immediately.

Celebrities in Hollywood celebrated Thanksgiving with their families this year like everyone else and shared various posts from their Instagram accounts. One of them was the famous actor Chris Pratt.

On Thursday, Chris Pratt shared a black and white photo of an old man sitting alone who seemed grateful and in front of him, there was a piece of bread, soup plate, and a book. The simplicity of the photo has great power and moves the souls of the viewers.

Chris Pratt explained what he saw in the picture and according to him, it is about grace. He shared a memory from his childhood and said that when he was a kid, that photo was hanging in his house.

The famous actor explained that when he was a kid he used to believe that the old man in the picture was God because he had a beard and even after years, he described the way he felt when he saw this picture and how his emotions were evoked and the way he defines gratitude continues to evolve.

Chris Pratt also said that today when he looked at the photo he saw a grateful man, a man who was grateful for his family, for his children and an example that others could follow, and to leave a heart full of gratitude.

Here’s the caption:

“Grace. Amazing.This photo hung in my house growing up. I remember thinking “that must be God because he has a beard.” Through the decades since then, the way I define grace, my perspective of who this man is and the emotions he evokes when I encounter his image continue to evolve.

Today I see a grateful man, a man thankful for his family, his children, his ability to provide, a longing within to ensure faith in the hearts of his children, to leave behind an example others can follow and a heart filled with gratitude for a savior and the amazing eternal grace that comes with submission to His will. What do you see?

Thanks to my friend @shannaduncanart for this post. Read her take on grace on her page when you give her a follow. She’s a great local artist from my home town. Happy Thanksgiving.”

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