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Chrissy Teigen Feels Frustrated As She Shares Her Bump After She Miscarried Her Third Baby

Chrissy Teigen Feels Frustrated As She Shares Her Bump After She Miscarried Her Third Baby

Model and the wife of Grammy-winning singer John Legend, Chrissy Teigen has updated her Instagram feed and showed her interesting bump after she miscarried her third baby.

As you recall, in October 2020, Teigen, who was halfway through her pregnancy, announced that she lost her baby as a result of increasing and non-stop bleeding via her official Instagram account.

Today, Teigen shared a new photo of herself showing her bump as she wears a cut-out two-piece. The 35-year-old model penned a touching letter and questioned why she still has the bump. She continued and admitted that she felt frustrated when she found out about this bump.

Here’s what she wrote:

“This is me and my body, just yesterday. Even though I’m no longer pregnant, every glance in the mirror reminds me of what could have been. And I have no idea why I still have this bump, honestly. It’s frustrating. But I’m proud of where this entire journey took my body and mind in other ways. “

She added that she loves to get pregnant but is sorry that she won’t be able to get pregnant again. She also said she was lucky to have two wonderful kids growing up every day.

She continued:

“I love being pregnant, so so much, and I’m sad I never will be again. But I am lucky to have two amazing little ones who are transforming into big little people more and more every single day. Anyhoo. Love u guys. Xx”

Many Instagram users, celebrities, and fans flocked to the comment section to support Teigen.

An IG user commented:

“You have helped so many people sharing your story!! Love you!”

Another fan wrote:

“Stay strong!!! You got this sis.”

See the Instagram post below.

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