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Christopher Nolan Assures The Viewers On Finding Something Different When They Rewatch Tenet

Christopher Nolan Assures The Viewers On Finding Something Different When They Rewatch Tenet

Master director, Christopher Nolan is on the agenda with his statements on the future of the film industry and the sudden decision of Warner Bros. to stream films on HBO Max.

This year’s pandemic has affected all business sectors as well as the cinema industry deeply. Not only were films canceled, but most films also had to be postponed over and over again until two years later.

Christopher Nolan’s latest film ‘Tenet,‘ on the other hand, was one of the few films that were released in theaters. Although Nolan expressed his excitement about ‘Tenet,’ managing to make 350 million dollars, companies like Warner Bros. didn’t interpret it as true success.

After the decision of Warner Bros., Christopher Nolan got very angry because of the fact that filmmakers, actors, everyone who worked hard to do good were treated that way. According to him, the people who have given a lot to their projects deserved to be treated better and to be consulted about their work’s future.

Apart from all these tense issues, the famous director also stated that those who want to watch the movie Tenet again or who will watch it for the first time will discover something different about it each time they watch due to the depth of the character Rob in the film, and he loves and finds it fun to work on films that people want to watch it again.

Here’s the statement:

“Yeah, I think one of the most fun things about revisiting a movie like this is seeing the work that you guys — the actors — did.

With yourself, a lot in the physicality of it. With Rob, there’s a lot of layers to what he’s doing that if you watch it again, you see a very different performance the second time, which is really fun.

I love working on films where if you’re interested to watch it again, there’s something else to be found there.”

In his statements about Warner Bros.’s decision to release the films on HBO Max, Nolan expressed his disbelief and disappointment very clearly.

“Oh, I mean, disbelief. Especially the way in which they did. There’s such controversy around it, because they didn’t tell anyone. In 2021, they’ve got some of the top filmmakers in the world, they’ve got some of the biggest stars in the world who worked for years in some cases on these projects very close to their hearts that are meant to be big-screen experiences.

They’re meant to be out there for the widest possible audiences… And now they’re being used as a loss-leader for the streaming service — for the fledgling streaming service — without any consultation. So, there’s a lot of controversy.

It’s very, very, very, very messy. A real bait and switch. Yeah, it’s sort of not how you treat filmmakers and stars and people who, these guys have given a lot for these projects. They deserved to be consulted and spoken to about what was going to happen to their work.””

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