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Ciara Says ‘She Never Thought She Would Feel This Good At 35 When She Was Young’

Ciara Says ‘She Never Thought She Would Feel This Good At 35 When She Was Young’

This month many celebrities had birthdays one of which was famous R&B singer Ciara who celebrated her birthday before the end of October. The stunning singer posted a photo of herself after her romantic birthday dinner with her husband and shared with her followers what she felt at her new age via her official Instagram account.

Many famous names and fans congratulated the singer, who turned 35, on her special day through social media. Finally, she shared a pose among the rose bouquets that were her husband’s gifts and explained how her new age made her feel.

On Tuesday, after the celebrations finished, Ciara posted a stunning photo of herself lying in the middle of a bunch of roses bouquets and while she gave this pose she was wearing a highly decollete green snakeskin dress paired with black leather boots.

In the caption of the photo, Ciara stated that when she was younger, she never imagined she would feel so wonderful and grateful at 35. Saying that she felt her mind and soul were full of wisdom at the age of 35, Ciara also stated that she thinks women get better as they get older.

After this statement from Ciara, who embraced every step, every day and every year until this age, many famous friends made comments under her post.

Here’s what Ciara wrote:

“35 Years Feels Great! Feeling my youngest with a heart full of gratitude. A mind and soul full of wisdom. When I was younger, I never thought I would say this at this age, but ladies we really do get better with time. Embracing every step, every day, every year. “

Here’s what Eniko Hart wrote:

“Happy birthday beauty! ♥ ️”

Emily in Paris star Lily Collins wrote:

“Queen. Love. Inspriration. 💖💖💖”

Check out the post below.

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