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Cindy Crawford Shared Golden-Worth Photo When She Was A Student

Cindy Crawford Shared Golden-Worth Photo When She Was A Student

The American-born model and actress who peaked in the 1980s through the ’90s, Cindy Crawford, has shared a really rare photo of herself via her official and verified Instagram account.

On Tuesday, Cindy Crawford and her school friends have had a group chat sharing their awkward teenage photos. Today, Cindy Crawford posted one of their school photos via her Instagram page and remembered the old days of herself.

The photo was taken in the late 1970s while she was a student at school and you can easily notice that she was looking like cheerleaders in the rare photo. Actually, she was looking very cute and beautiful despite her little age.

In the caption, she talked about her school days and gone to the old days thanks to this photo. It reached more than 70k likes and her fans wrote many comments to learn her had adventures when she was a student.

Here’s what she wrote with it:

“The silver lining of spending so much time at home: you have time to organize photos albums… and find gems like this 🙈 — me as a middle school mat maid (like cheerleaders for wrestling)!

Yesterday my friends and I had a group chat sharing our awkward teenage photos… so I figured I would just start posting some of mine!
Post your awkward phase and tag some friends to do the same ❤️ It’s the little things right now!”

A fan named Kristi Collins commented:

“I was a mat maid also! I don’t think they have them anymore 😂”

Another fan named Lena Jansson asked this:

“What year is that Cindy? That picture is not in your book 😊”

You can see the Instagram post of her right below.

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