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CJ Says ‘I Never Realised How Blow Up The Way It Did’ As He Explains His Expectations From ‘Whoopty’

CJ Says ‘I Never Realised How Blow Up The Way It Did’ As He Explains His Expectations From ‘Whoopty’

The 23-year-old rapper CJ gave some details about his viral song, ‘Whoopty,’ as he explains his expectations from the song that viral on the huge social media platform, TikTok.

‘Whoopty,’ one of the biggest booming songs of 2020, has already received 116 million views on Youtube. CJ revealed the details of how the song, which started to be heard by everyone quickly after it went viral on TikTok, appeared.

The song also has reached the Top 10 in the UK and gained the rising star famous fans in everyone from French Montana to Cardi B. During a recent interview with ‘NME,’ CJ revealed how he recorded th song and shot the music video clip in a few days.

Here’s what CJ stated:

“I recorded the song on a Wednesday and I shot the video two days later on that same Friday. I think then there was a week turnaround time and then I dropped it… it blew up on TikTok almost straight away.”

CJ said that his viral piece had a lot of energy and he predicted this song would go a little viral while working in the studio. While giving details about his expectations, he said he never predicted the song would blow it up in this way.

He explained:

“It was just like the energy of the song. I was super hyped from the jump. And I just knew it was going to do something. Everybody that was at the studio felt the same way. I kinda knew it would get some attention.

I hoped it would go viral a bit but to be honest, I never realised how big it would get and blow up the way it did. I just put it out to have some new music out there. It just took off.”

It also revealed how the young rapper song reacted to being used in TikTok users’ videos after the song went viral. He said:

“It’s crazy because I had heard of TikTok before the song but I never realised just how powerful it was. I have a little sister so she was telling me, ‘you got to see what everybody’s doing with your song on TikTok, you got to make an account.’ I was like, ‘what the hell is going on?’”

He added:

“When I actually took time to scroll through all the videos then I was like, ‘this thing is going crazy’. It was the same week that I released the video and right after that I just saw hundreds of thousands of videos, day by day, it just kept on going. Then I knew I had something crazy on my hands.”

You can also watch the music video clip below.

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