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Co-Writer Bob Gale Explains Why He Will Never Make ‘Back To The Future 4’ And Says ‘Nobody Wants To See That’

Co-Writer Bob Gale Explains Why He Will Never Make ‘Back To The Future 4’ And Says ‘Nobody Wants To See That’

The movie Back to the Future, which caused great excitement with its first film in 1985 and continued as a trilogy, not only marked the time of its release but continued to be among the favorite films with a certain fan base until today.

Traveling to the future and past with the DeLorean time machine while telling the time-traveling adventures of Marty McFly’s and his scientist friend Doc Brown, the film put the dream of a time machine into our lives and the production is still the subject of many series or movies.

For years, it has been talked of whether the fourth movie is likely to come, but there has never been a clear statement. Gale, one of the co-authors of the film, recently made some comments on this issue and explained why it would never happen.

Years have passed and Michael J. Fox, one of the leading roles, is now 59 years old and has Parkinson’s. For this reason, even if there was a small possibility, now it is certain that the fourth film will not come anymore. Without Michael J. Fox, Back to the Future would have lost its charm.

Here’s what Bob Gale stated:

“We told a complete story with the trilogy. If we went back and made another one, we’d have Michael J. Fox, who will be sixty next year, and he has Parkinson’s Disease. Do we want to see Marty McFly at age sixty with Parkinson’s Disease? Did we want to see him at age fifty with Parkinson’s Disease? I would say ‘No, you don’t want to see that.’ And you don’t want to see Back to the Future without Michael J. Fox. People say, ‘Well, do it with somebody else.’

Really? Who are you going to get? All you are gonna do is beg comparisons to the originals, and you’re not going to match up. And we’ve seen this repeatedly with sequels that go back to the well after many, many years, and they go ‘Ah, well, The Phantom Menace, maybe my life would have been better if I hadn’t seen it.

There are a lot of extra sequels like that. We didn’t want to be those guys who did a movie that was basically a moneygrab. Universal says to us, ‘You’d guys would make a whole lot of money,’ but we’re like, ‘Well, we’ve already made a whole lot of money with these movies, and we like them just the way they are. And as proud parents, we’re not going to sell our kids into prostitution.’

We have an understanding with Spielberg and Amblin that there would never be another Back to the Future movie without our blessing or being involved. So, it’s not going to happen.”

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