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Courteney Cox Is Getting Ready For ‘Friends’ Reunion With Over The Hedge Eyebrows

Courteney Cox Is Getting Ready For ‘Friends’ Reunion With Over The Hedge Eyebrows

Courteney Cox, one of the actors of the Friends TV series, whose broadcasting life ended in 2004, but no one could stop watching and never got old, made a funny post on Instagram that made her followers smile.

As we all know, the fans of Friends are eagerly waiting for the special episode that was supposed to be released this year. Unfortunately, the shooting of Friends was delayed for an indefinite time, like everything else, when the pandemic broke out and the dreams of the fans were ruined.

Luckily, Matthew Perry, one of the stars of the series that aired in the 90s, tweeted something a few days ago bringing the hopes of fans back to life.

The famous actor heralded that the shooting will likely begin in March 2021 and will be broadcast towards the end of the year. These special episodes are known to be filmed on Stage 24 where the original Friends studio is located, Warner Bros. studio in Burbank.

Another Friends actor, the 56-year-old Courteney Cox, doesn’t mention anything on this topic yet she prefers to use her social media for more fun and silly posts.

On Sunday, she posted a funny photo of her eyebrows that were painted all brown and she captioned that she had microbladed her eyebrows.

Cox asked her followers if she did it too much? The answers were also funny. Maybe she is already getting ready for her role in Friends, after spending so much time at home she decided that it was time to self pamper.

Here’s Courteney Cox’s caption:

“Had my eyebrows microbladed. Too much?”

Manon Mathews wrote:

“Umm I feel like the left one is a tad bigger but that’s just me. I’m not picky”

Kevin Nealon wrote:

“Hahahaaaaa! Just the right amount! 😂😂”

Maulik.A.Thakkar wrote:

“Just like Ross, you wanted to go for 2 but I guess you are a 8 now 😂”

Check out the post below.

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