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Cristiano Ronaldo Draws A Hopeful Picture For Juventus For The Next Season Despite Negativities Around

Cristiano Ronaldo Draws A Hopeful Picture For Juventus For The Next Season Despite Negativities Around

Juventus superstar football player Cristiano Ronaldo updated his Instagram account after Fiorentina managed to beat Juventus with a terrific 3-0 score and shared his feelings about this unacceptable performance.

While in the 14th week of the Italian Serie A, Juventus got its first defeat of the season and handed over the title of being undefeated to Milan and Fiorentina, which was in the relegation zone, gaining a very important 3 points reaching 14 points.

On Tuesday, star player Cristiano Ronaldo felt the need to make a statement after this defeat and assured the Juventus supporters that they would return to the pitch stronger in the coming period.

Ronaldo, who carries all the burden of the team when necessary but sometimes cannot be enough alone, stated in his statement that the year 2020, which was completed in an eventful way, was very difficult for the football community and that they had an unacceptable defeat in their last match.

In the continuation of his post, he declared that none of these hardships were acceptable excuses and they had to give more of themselves because Juventus cannot accept anything less than perfect.

Furthermore, he drew a hopeful picture for the future of his team stating that they will come back stronger and more united than ever. Therefore, he wanted Juventus fans to keep believing in their team and be confident that they will succeed.

Here’s the caption:

“Yesterday, with a poor performance and a result far from acceptable, we closed our scheduled games for 2020, a special year in many particular ways. Empty stadiums, COVID protocols, postponed games, long stoppages, and a very tight calendar.

But this is no excuse for anything. We know that we have to give more of ourselves, in order to play better and to win in a more consistent way. We are Juventus! And we simply cannot accept anything less than excellence on the pitch!

I hope this short stoppage may help us to come back stronger and more united than ever, because the season is still far from over and in the end we believe that we will, once again, celebrate with our tiffosi.

Believe in us, trust our team as much as we trust you, and we will deliver!

Fino Alla Fine! 🏳️🏴💪🏽”

This statement by Cristiano Ronaldo received over 1.2 million likes from his many followers within an hour and comments were made supporting the player.

One of the followers wrote:

“Keep working, good result or bad we move”

Another follower commented:

“Because of Corona everything has messed up”

Check out the post below.

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