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DaBaby Opens Up On His ‘Surreal’ Experience With Grammy Saying ‘I Could Get Used To Coming To This Every Year’

DaBaby Opens Up On His ‘Surreal’ Experience With Grammy Saying ‘I Could Get Used To Coming To This Every Year’

The rapper DaBaby expressed his opinions on being on the red carpet of the Grammys last year and how he felt among the crowd as the possible contender for the next year’s Grammy awards.

DaBaby’s biggest hit ‘Rockstar‘ is nominated for the Record of the Year and Best Rap Song for the 2021 Grammys. Last January, he was also nominated for breakout single ‘Suge.’ But this time, he is determined to get his Grammy award and doesn’t want to return home empty-handed.

DaBaby shared his experience in last year’s Grammys and his thoughts on it in an interview he made with RollingStone. He described the experience as a dreamlike place in which there are lots of different types of artists coming from different kinds of musical backgrounds. He stated that he wants the go every year.

Here’s what he said:

“It definitely made me think, ‘I could get used to coming to this every year.’ I usually don’t go into new experiences with expectations — that’s just not how I am. I go in head-first. It’s the only way I know. I got really clean, got fresh, put my suit on, and went.”

On the other hand, he also explained that he always wanted to win a Grammy. It was like his dream. He mentioned that when he first started his rap career, he wrote a song about going to the Grammys. For him, it is like winning the NBA Finals. He won many awards before but winning a Grammy is another level to prove yourself to the world.

Here’s what he said:

“Of course I want to win a Grammy. When I first started rapping, I mentioned going to the Grammys. I have songs I made back in, like, 2015 where I mention going to the Grammys. I want one, and this coming year I’m going to win one. It’s like winning the NBA Finals if you’re a basketball player. I’ve won BET awards, Hip Hop Awards — I’ll get the biggest award of the night there — but winning a Grammy, that’s a different type of certification.”

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