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DaBaby Reveals Behind The Reason He Will Never Stop To Make Music

DaBaby Reveals Behind The Reason He Will Never Stop To Make Music

One of the best rappers of recent times DaBaby has signaled to his fans that he will continue to present his new projects and songs.

DaBaby has been one of the most listened rappers of the hip-hop community since its 2019 album, Baby on Baby. He then released the album named Kirk. He left her mark in 2020 with his album titled Blame It On Baby. Most recently, he was nominated for Grammy Awards with Rockstar, the single he collaborated with Roddy Ricch.

During a recent interview with Rolling Stone, the interviewer asked him why he wasn’t slowing down releasing albums. The 28-year-old rapper has a perfect response. He said Rockstar wouldn’t have gotten a Grammy nomination if he was not released new stuff. He also said that he was still trying to surpass the success of the ‘Suge’ song. Apparently, DaBaby’s only competitor is himself.

Here’s what the rapper stated:

“Some people wait because they have to. Fortunately enough, I wasn’t put in that position. I had the green light, and everything I’ve dropped was hot. If I didn’t put out new music, there wouldn’t be “Rockstar.” I’d still be trying to beat out ‘Suge.'”

Anywhere in the interview, the rapper also discussed whether he predicted that the Rockstar song would receive such great attention even though it was not the lead single. As you might remember, ‘Rockstar’ blew up because it became a huge TikTok song.

DaBaby was sure the song was going to be popular. He said he likes to prepare his fans for different styles of music and test them out to see their reactions. He also added that he likes to bait the fans in. He said:

“Absolutely. A lot of people shoot their shot. I like to bait the fans in. I’ve got ‘Find My Way’ in my hands, and I’ll put that out first. I want to get the fans ready for a different style of music and test them out and see if they’ll embrace it or not. And they did.”

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