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DaBaby Reveals How He Baits The Fans In While Making Songs

DaBaby Reveals How He Baits The Fans In While Making Songs

The 2020 Grammy-nominated North Carolina rap artist DaBaby has a brilliant method to blow his song ‘Rockstar’ on social media and revealed he has planned it before releasing the song.

DaBaby, who received a Grammy nomination for his song ‘Suge’ last year, lost the 2019 Grammy to the late rapper Nipsey Hussle’s ‘Racks In The Middle.’ This year, he was nominated for the 2020 Grammy Awards in the ‘Record of the Year and Best Rap Song’ category for his Rockstar song which he collaborated with Roddy Ricch.

the 28-year-old rapper was interviewed by ‘Rolling Stone,’ discussed whether he predicted that the Rockstar song would receive such great attention even though it was not the lead single. As you might remember, ‘Rockstar’ blew up because it became a huge TikTok song.

The rapper was sure the song was going to be popular. He said he likes to prepare his fans for different styles of music and test them out to see their reactions. He also added that he likes to bait the fans in.

Here’s what he stated:

“Absolutely. A lot of people shoot their shot. I like to bait the fans in. I’ve got ‘Find My Way’ in my hands, and I’ll put that out first. I want to get the fans ready for a different style of music and test them out and see if they’ll embrace it or not. And they did.”

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