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DaBaby Reveals How He Feels About The Compete With Roddy Ricch At The Grammys

DaBaby Reveals How He Feels About The Compete With Roddy Ricch At The Grammys

The rapper DaBaby expressed his opinions on being on the red carpet of the Grammys last year and how he felt among the crowd as the possible contender for the next year’s Grammy awards.

DaBaby’s biggest hit ‘Rockstar‘ is nominated for the Record of the Year and Best Rap Song for the 2021 Grammys. Last January, he was also nominated for breakout single ‘Suge.’ But this time, he is determined to get his Grammy award and doesn’t want to return home empty-handed.

The song features Roddy Ricch and Dababy has to compete with him at the Grammys. When asked for his thoughts on this topic, DaBaby says it’s not a problem for either of them. The reason is that when the two come together, what matters to them is business. All they think about is their work until they can make perfect what they’re working on.

Also, Dababy’s point is that non-racing competition is not pleasurable. According to Dababy, the most important thing is to work with people you can compete with so that one strives more to improve and achieve better.

Roddy is an artist who has previously received a Grammy, and Dababy is delighted to be with people around him who have won this award and have done and seen what he hasn’t done.

Here’s what he said:

“No, whenever me and Roddy are talking, it’s strictly work. We do so much of this on a daily basis, staying consistent and perfecting our craft. It ain’t no thing – that’s the company you want to be in, [someone ] you’re competing against for a Grammy. I’m going for the people that have been places I haven’t been, and Roddy’s one of them – he’s got a Grammy. I want to be with the people who have seven, eight Grammys.”

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