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DaBaby Reveals Why He Numbed Out All Feelings While Turning Into A Successful Artist

DaBaby Reveals Why He Numbed Out All Feelings While Turning Into A Successful Artist

There is a sad reason behind why North Carolina rapper DaBaby has risen so rapidly in the rap world. The rapper sheds light on how he is successful as an artist with a tweet he shared recently.

DaBaby released his debut studio album, Baby on Baby in March 2019. It included his breakthrough hit single, ‘Suge,’ which reached number 7 on the US Billboard Hot 100, becoming his first entry on the chart.

The rapper later became XXL Freshman in 2019. Although he did not win the Grammy in 2019, his great success is still talked about. Later, he released his album named Kirk and turned into one of the most listened to and loved rappers.

Of course, behind the rapper’s success is a sad devotional story. Shortly after DaBaby found out that he was topped the Billboard charts, he received news of the death of his father Jonathan Kirk. He described this situation as ‘his biggest loss and his biggest win at the same time.’

DaBaby took to Twitter on Sunday and explained how the sudden death of his father affected his music career. He said that after his father died he numbed all his feelings and committed himself to success. He confessed that although he had a lot of success, he didn’t feel anything.

Here’s what the said:

“After losing my pops unexpectedly a couple weeks after popping as a mainstream artist I numbed out ALL feelings.

Wins felt the same way losses did, like nothing.

All that shit I accomplished 2019, all the records broke all the history I made, I ain’t feel none of that shit.”

Check out the Twitter post below.

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