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DaBaby Slams Critics Who Accused Him Of Not Supporting Protests

DaBaby Slams Critics Who Accused Him Of Not Supporting Protests

Rapper Jonathan Lyndale Kirk, better known as DaBaby, refreshed his Twitter timeline by making a bold statement and has shared his opinions about the most latest incident in which a white police officer killing an innocent black man named George Floyd.

Demonstrators took to the U.S. streets to protest the horrific incident after the murder of George Floyd by a police officer in Minneapolis. Many celebrities supported the protesters on social media, others showed their support by flocking to the streets. Protests have been going on violently for a few days.

However, some social media users have criticized him and asked why DaBaby keeps his silence in the face of recent events although he was repeatedly bullied by the cops.

The 28-year-old rapper finally broke his silence about the harsh comments he faced on social media and responded to the critics who accused him of not supporting protests and George Floyd.

He shared five different tweets to make a statement about the incident and shared his thoughts clearly. DaBaby said that he always prefers to keep silent when he faced these incidents before he acts:

“I always sit back and let the hype blow over before I give my insight so my perspective doesn’t get confused with all the ppl who only speak for likes & comments, or to save face, or maybe because their PR department, label, or management told em they should make a statement…”

He continued to respond to criticism, saying that he experienced these incidents every day as a black citizen:

“… In order to preserve their integrity & not lose fans, business, support from the black community, etc. I on gotta fake kick it & play sadly. This Baby. It’s been FUCK EM. & It’s gone be fuck em. I’m really what they consider a NIGGA I go through this shit daily…”

The rapper said that he is a real victim of racism and police brutality, and he claimed that most of the social media users never beaten by the cops and were not charged with a ‘thing’ they didn’t do.

I’m a real-life victim of racism & police brutality. 95% of the people yapping on the net ain’t never been beat up by the police & charged w/ some shit they ain’t even do, I HAVE. Assault on an officer 2017, look it up. Wanna win OUTSMART em, beat em at their own game.”

DaBaby also warned the internet trolls who had not been experienced police violence and slammed them with this tweet that reads:

“And before I go. All you internet MFs who ain’t never even been in handcuffs before don’t talk to me. You don’t know anything about this shit, stay focused. Don’t let your intentions get watered down worrying about what “famous” ppl doing with their influence. Y’all be safe🖤”

Check out DaBaby’s tweets below.

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