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David Beckham Makes Fans Smile As He Poses Wearing The Boots Of A Disney Character

David Beckham Makes Fans Smile As He Poses Wearing The Boots Of A Disney Character

A few days ago, the famous fashion designer, Victoria Beckham shared a photo of her husband, David Beckham, in boots without his permission and after that, a funny post came from David Beckham in response to his wife saying he will get revenge.

Victoria Beckham recently shared a photo with her husband and the first thing that attracted attention in this photo were David Beckham’s boots. Almost all the followers commented on these boots making fun of them, therefore Beckham made a quick reply.

On Sunday, the 45-year-old David Beckham posted a story after his embarrassment and expostulated his wife for not cropping and not asking before posting his last-minute shoe choice.

In the story, David Beckham also made a collage of himself with the Disney character from the movie Beauty and the Beast, Gaston, which was quite accurate and at the same time funny because of the tight trousers and highly large boots. He also wrote ‘revenge will be sweet‘ on the photo and people started wondering what would it be.

Here’s what he stated:

“So my wife decided to post before asking me or cropping my last-minute shoe option. Revenge will be sweet.”

Here are some of the comments made for Beckham’s boots:

“Two gorgeous peeps horribly dressed. Seriously. No”

Another comment:

“I think you’ve put Hagrid’s boots on by mistake. 😂 “

Check out the post below

Photo Credit: David Beckham – Instagram

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