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Demi Lovato’s Ex-Boyfriend Max Ehrich Uses ‘F-Word’ While Calling Out The Toxic Fandoms

Demi Lovato’s Ex-Boyfriend Max Ehrich Uses ‘F-Word’ While Calling Out The Toxic Fandoms

Pop singer Demi Lovato’s ex-boyfriend and actor, Max Ehrich has shared a recent photo of himself on his official Instagram account and made a statement about toxic fans after they bullied him on social media.

A few weeks prior, Demi Lovato announced she broke up with Max Ehrich due to unknown reasons. One of the speculations of their split was ‘cheating.’ After that, Lovato’s die-hard fans attacked the handsome actor on social media, especially on Instagram.

Therefore, Ehrich has turned comments off on Instagram and didn’t allow to write any word about him and his relationship with Demi. But, the 29-year-old actor updated his Instagram feed once again and shared his new decisions about the usage of IG.

In his caption, Max said that he turning comment on again by using ‘f-word.’ Reminding that after many offensive comments he received, Ehrich said that he is also a human being and he would not let toxic fans tear him away from life.

Here’s what he said:

“F it- I’m turning the comments back on. I’m done letting toxic fandom cancel culture prevent me from living life to the fullest. I’m only human and have emotions. Try to find it in your heart to have compassion. If you have nothing kind to say- UNFOLLOW ME. thanks.”

A fan named Nicosa gave him a suggestion:

“I like you but you gotta stop sharing every emotion you have and stop tryna get attention from this engagement… deal with it personally just like she did.”

Another fan nicknamed uniquely_created78 said:

“Life does go on. Heal and continue to live your best life!”

See the Instagram post below.

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