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Diddy Creates Controversy Among His Followers With His Celebration Post

Diddy Creates Controversy Among His Followers With His Celebration Post

After the presidential elections were concluded, Joe Biden and Kamala Harris declared victory. Everyone, who wanted them to win and voted for them took a sigh of relief after days of waiting for the election and its conclusion, sharing their joy on their social media accounts. One of them was the famous rapper, Diddy, and he celebrated the win by posting a little black girl’s photo on Instagram.

Last week, Grammy-winning rapper, Diddy, had taken a video of the ballot paper explaining the reason behind his decision for the elections. He had explained that instead of voting for Trump he would vote for Joe Biden.

Diddy also revealed that the main reason he would vote for Joe Biden was not for him but for Biden’s Vice President, Kamala D. Harris because Diddy believed that Kamala D. Harris could influence Biden to do something good for Black Americans.

On Monday, Diddy posted a little black girl’s photo on Instagram and on her t-shirt, it said, ‘Black Girls Can Do Anything.’ After Kamala D. Harris’s speech about being an example for all the girls in America and that they can achieve anything if they want, seemed to influence the famous rapper as he is also the father of three.

However, Diddy’s post received very different reactions from his followers. While some people thought that being divisive was not correct because by doing so, they label people instead of sharing a message of unity, others just attended the celebration of Diddy.

Here are some of the comments:

“Correction: All girls can do anything. We have to stop being exclusive and divisive. I understand the message, but we are not victims!”

“This is so true and sooo beautiful but im also gona say all girls can do anything coz thats what i love and dont want a division nowadays i want every young girl no matter race religion colour etc …. to be able to do ANYTHING they want 💚”

Created division by labeling this sweet baby. Stop adding color to post. Girls can do anything. Stop creating division in color. You are the problem.”

Check out the post below.

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#superFacts ✊🏿🖤

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