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Dionne Warwick Asks Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey To Make A Small Change For The Tweets

Dionne Warwick Asks Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey To Make A Small Change For The Tweets

One of the iconic singers of the world, Dionne Warwick is continued to keep her fame on social media and she asked Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey to make a small change for the tweets.

As we all know, Dionne Warwick is the new Twitter queen for everyone because her tweets are really hilarious. In her tweets, she shared her thoughts about contemporary artists, including Taylor Swift, Chance The Rapper, Nicki Minaj, and many more.

The 80-year-old singer jumps to Twitter to say her requests at every turn, and this time, the singer called Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey by sharing a new tweet showing her new request.

In the tweet, Warwick wanted to add an ‘edit’ button for the tweets that she makes some mistakes by tagging Jack Dorsey. However, the CEO of Twitter has not answered her small favor.

Here’s what Dionne Warwick wrote:

“I am sure @jack has better things to do, but if he did decide to create an “edit” feature that would be nice.”

Her tweet has reached 7.6k favs and 519 retweets in a short period. But Twitter users didn’t like her idea because they have some reasons. Besides, some fans liked this request and supported the singer’s idea.

A Twitter user commented:

“You can’t have an edit button because you could tweet “I love roses” and get 10,000 retweets and then change “roses” to “garbage” and then it will look like 10,000 people retweeted that they love garbage.”

Another said:

“This is a great idea. I would suggest that edits can only be made for five minutes after a tweet is posted, so people can’t make a tweet go viral and then change it to say something else entirely”

Check out the Twitter post below.

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