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Dionne Warwick Is Coming Together With Chance The Rapper To Do Rap For A Bit Of Good

Dionne Warwick Is Coming Together With Chance The Rapper To Do Rap For A Bit Of Good

Chicago rapper Chance The Rapper attended the Ellen DeGeneres Show, mentioning the details of the surprise dialogue with legendary musician Dionne Warwick, and heralded that they are also coming together in a joint project for charity and he will do anything that Warwick wants.

Last week, the 79-years-old great artist Dionne Warwick, who won five Grammy awards, asked Chance The Rapper why his stage name was like that on her Twitter account and told him that she listened to his song ‘Holy‘ surprising everyone, including the successful rapper.

On Tuesday, Chance The Rapper was Ellen’s guest answering her questions on the subject and also expressing that he was still in shock because it was a very weird thing for Warmick to know who he is. He also stated that they will rap or sing together and help the homeless population by doing charity work.

Here’s his statement:

“Yeah. I’m still in shock, it was a weird thing. I didn’t know she had a Twitter. I definitely didn’t know she knew who I was. So that was a huge deal for me. But yeah, she’s even connected since then.

She reached out, and she’s got a really cool initiative with the homeless population that we’re going to work together on. She’s obviously an icon, a legend. I don’t know why she shouted me out. I will do whatever she wants,yeah. If she wants to rap,sing, do some charity work, or whatever she’s trying to do.”

On the other hand, Dionne Warwick posted a new video, stating that no one else manages her social media account and she writes everything at her own request. Stating that she uses social media better every day thanks to her nephew, the master artist also writes Tweets for names such as The Weeknd and Taylor Swift.

Here’s her tweet:

“Dionne The Singer and @chancetherapper are coming together to do a bit of good. That’s what it’s all about.”

Check out the post and tweets below.

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