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Dionne Warwick Proves How Cool She Is As She Reveals Her ‘Worst Song’

Dionne Warwick Proves How Cool She Is As She Reveals Her ‘Worst Song’

Legendary singer Dionne Warwick has been continuing to her hilarious tweets on her Twitter account. The singer recently made her followers laugh by revealing the worst song in her career.

It all started after the Real Craft Mayo followed Dionne Warwick on Twitter. She took to Twitter and thanked the famous mayonnaise brand. She also asked the brand what was the worst recipe they were part of. Dionne tweeted:

Thank you for following me @RealKraftMayo. What’s the worst recipe you’ve been apart of? Because I have seen some things…”

Following the question of Dionne, the mayonnaise brand needed to know something to find out how big a mayonnaise fan Dionne was and asked:

“First I need to know, are you pro-mayo or no-mayo?”

Dionne replied and said the brand that they should ‘stop stalling’:

“That hardly matters here. Stop stalling.”

But the mayonnaise brand continued its claim and said that the question was like asking the singer what the worst song was:

“C’mon that’s like asking you what’s your worst song”

Dionne Warwick concluded the conversation with a perfect answer. She said that she doesn’t have any bad songs in her career.

“I don’t have one. Your turn.”

Check out the conversation below.

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