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Diplo Explains How Coronavirus Pandemic Shaped His Career While Announcing His Upcoming Project

Diplo Explains How Coronavirus Pandemic Shaped His Career While Announcing His Upcoming Project

Although the coronavirus pandemic has affected people’s lives in a very negative way and made everyone stuck at home, American DJ and music producer Diplo, as known as Thomas Wesley, is one of the rare names who turned this situation into something positive.

Under his moniker Thomas Wesley, Diplo released his second studio album, ‘Chapter 1: Snake Oil,’ during the coronavirus pandemic. Diplo is often known for his electronic dance music, but this was his first country-genre album. Also, after the album’s success exceeded expectations, Diplo was ready to make some changes in his career.

Diplo announced on his Instagram account that he will be releasing a deluxe album with some new friends and new music. The musician admits he was lucky in reflecting his thoughts on the album he released during the pandemic.

The 42-year-old DJ also showed that he learned to play the guitar during the pandemic and how his specialization in playing guitar influenced his country genre.

Here’s what he stated:

“I did a country project this year. It felt to me like it came and went but some of songs slowly lived a life on their own. People shared the music with each other, radio took some chances on me, streaming services showed some love. Slowly people started to notice the album. in a year that we all struggled.

I stayed home most of the year, learned guitar and ran in circles in my neighborhood. 600 million streams later I decided let’s do it one more time.. So this Friday I’m gonna drop the deluxe with some new friends and new music.”

Many fans and followed stopped in the comment section after this good news and asked some questions to the musician.

A fan asked:

“Cool. Will you eventually tour with this music?”

Diplo replied:

“Hopefully late next year maybe start in Nashville.”

Another fan wrote:

“The mullet really emphasizes the message!”

See the Instagram post below.

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