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Diplo Responds To Harsh Criticism After His Controversial Instagram Post Amid George Floyd Protests

Diplo Responds To Harsh Criticism After His Controversial Instagram Post Amid George Floyd Protests

DJ and music producer, Diplo, added a video and some photos of his family that shows their mini-protest on his Instagram page after receiving lots of criticism for his controversial post amid George Floyd protests.

On June 1, the successful music producer had shared an image of a newborn giraffe amid the ongoing George Floyd protests and said that people’s Instagram feeds are ‘probably horrible.’ Therefore, many social media users fired off in his comment to clarify his thoughts on whether the Black Lives Matter movement is ‘horrible.’

Today, Diplo made a really sincere statement to respond to recent criticisms of what he thinks about protests. He shared a new post that he demands justice for George Floyd.

In the statement, the 41-year-old DJ said that he is actively anti-racist, and he has been a protester since day one. He continued he could always do more, and he would try more for justice. Here’s the statement:

“As the protests get smaller and smaller in the coming weeks and voices get quieter, and Instagram goes back to the self-centered medium it was designed to be.

Maybe you can weed out the copy and paste activism here and there from your favorite celebrities and corporations. At the end of the day, it is an ideology we need to stomp out around the country from top to bottom and that won’t be something immediate.

It’s gonna take patience and persistence and at the end of the day I know I’m actively anti-racist and I have been since day one and I can always do more and I will try.”

He also responded to criticism he received from the social media users:

“For those people that bring up my family to attack me. You can give yourself a pat on the back for that minute you spent on twitter being the judge and jury. I’m gonna spend my whole life being the best father to my three children.

I’m happy and proud of them and doing my best, it’s not just a few weeks of messages to quiet the haters. its literally going to be for a lifetime and I’m doing my best every day”

The hip-hop artist, Tinashe, who recently criticized his newborn giraffe post, supported him and reacted to his thoughts with a pair of applause emoji:


Check out the Instagram post below.

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