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Diplo Shares His Favorite Coachella Festival Essentials

Diplo Shares His Favorite Coachella Festival Essentials

During the recent interview with Rolling Stone, American music producer and songwriter Dj Diplo has shared his thoughts about his best Coachella moments. He said:

“The last couple of times I’ve played Coachella have been with my other project Major Lazer and with Jak Ü. I’ve played Coachella enough times now that I’ve definitely lost count, but it’s such a great time always, even if I’m just attending. It’s got a vibe that’s so different from every other festival so I really look forward to going every year.”,

Diplo also revealed his favorite festival essentials. He said:

Just for festival season in general, my schedule always gets so busy this time of year so I always like to have Dosist pens on hand to help me chill out. I’m always doing a dozen things at once so I have them all over my house, in my studio to help me slow down in between all the traveling”

He continued to explain. He said:

“Then as far as what I have with me when I actually show up at the festival, I always have sunscreen – I really like Barbara Sturm Sun Drops. My wallet, which right now is the Coach Nasa wallet, and Colgate Wisps, are also essential. And of course I have your normal DJ stuff too

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