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DJ Khaled Targets The People Who Are Jealous And Hate Him With Some Inspiring Words

DJ Khaled Targets The People Who Are Jealous And Hate Him With Some Inspiring Words

Khaled bin Abdul Khaled, under the stage name DJ Khaled, has announced that his biggest album is in preparation. Khaled, an American DJ, radio programmer and producer, spent the pandemic process preparing for a new album, and shared a photo from the studio that he was working on his 12th studio album via his official Instagram account and announced the news to his followers.

DJ Khaled is one of the famous names who uses Instagram actively, from time to time he shares his children, sometimes announcements, private life or business life. We also see Khaled’s studio in his latest posts, this is where he spends time feverishly. He is seen preparing for an album in a very comfortable and glorious way.

Another remarkable detail in DJ Khaled’s recent posts is the luxurious and pompous life he lives in. Taking photos of almost all luxurious items he owns without missing any details, Khaled shared his precious items such as Hublot brand watch, Jordan sweatshirt, gold-plated headset and his sneakers with his followers, but unfortunately, the products are sold at prices that most people cannot reach. It seems DJ Khaled likes to show off his luxurious lifestyle.

Later, in his other post, he poses in a Rolce Royce holding a magazine which has his photo on the cover. Again, in a luxurious setting, he told his haters that hate was a wasteful emotion, so instead of being jealous and hateful, he advised them to be full of love.

Other than that, Dj Khaled also gave a piece of advice to his followers not to listen to haters because they always want you to be unsuccessful and not achieve anything in life, therefore work to get the most from your life and have the best you can have.

Here’s what he said:

“Jealousy and hate is a waste of emotion. LOVE IS THE 🔑 I LOVE YOU Remember they want u in a Hyundai so go get you phantom swipe to see KHALED KHALED LUV ALWAYS KHALED KHALED.”

Check out the post below.

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