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Dominic West Makes A Super-Exciting Statement About ‘The Wire’

Dominic West Makes A Super-Exciting Statement About ‘The Wire’

During a recent interview with ‘Empire,’ actor Dominic West made a super-exciting statement about ‘The Wire,’ which was published between 2002 and 2008, and he admitted that the TV series nearly got a prequel movie.

Dominic West,  who played Detective McNulty in the crime series, talked about abandoned plans about the series.

Here’s what Dominic West stated:

“We were talking about maybe [making] a movie of The Wire for a while. [Series creator David Simon] said it would have to be a prequel, but we were all looking a little long in the tooth.”

West also described this situation by saying:

“A crime story set in New Orleans that was not a Wire film, but would feature the entire Wire cast.”

Unfortunately, it is sad to see that all of these plans have been canceled.

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Almost a month ago, East Coast rapper Jay-Z has been working on a Netflix film for a long time, ‘The Harder They Fall.’ This will be a western film, and names such as Johnathon Majors will also be featured and Jeymes Samuel as known as The Bullitts will sit in director’s chair for the first time in the film sector.

Recently, a world-famous star joined the film cast, Idris Elba. According to Deadline, ‘The Wire’ actor starring in the upcoming movie.

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